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Protecting Yourself from Vandalism: What Every Retail Business Owner Should Know

Americans have been more and more vocal about their political opinions in recent months. This environment of uncertainty and confusion is likely to continue, along with demonstrations of protest. While these protests often start as peaceful demonstrations, emotions can run high and escalate into riots and vandalism. These events can result in significant property damage […]

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Five Ways to Reduce Your Workers’ Compensation Costs Through Oversight

Written By Eric Schirding Worker’s Compensation Insurance is something almost every business owner has to deal with, though few would say they enjoy it. The process should be straightforward: you pay premiums to cover replacement wages and medical treatment if an employee is injured during the course of employment. You might think there’s nothing else […]

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Before You Sign On The Dotted Line, Consider These Risks

Contracts are a common and unavoidable part of our modern lives. Whether it’s starting a new job, hiring a landscaper, or buying/selling a vehicle, there’s no getting around the need to sign contracts. In an ideal world, an agreement should protect both you and the other signing parties: each party should be contractually responsible for […]

Check your protection before a disaster strikes

With fires, floods, earthquakes, and windstorms happening across the country, it’s a good time to check your coverage. The extreme climate changes we’re all experiencing might suggest an adjustment in your coverage is warranted. Are your policies ready to respond the way you would want them to? UWIB’s service team can help you find out […]

Is your business ready for the next pandemic?

Scientists (and Bill Gates) have been warning us about the risk of a large-scale pandemic for quite some time. If you weren’t fully aware of the impact such an outbreak could have on business, you certainly are now. According to a June 2020 report by The World Bank, the world is predicted to see at […]

When Wealth Manager Partner with Insurance Risk Advisors, Clients Win

Complete this form to download our guide to the benefits of a Wealth Manager/Insurance Risk Advisor partnership: A great Wealth Manager does more than just trade stocks on behalf of their clients. Your most valuable clients expect you to be proactively looking for ways to keep their assets safe. Working with a qualified Risk Advisor […]

Legislative update: California employers, worker’s compensation, and COVID-19

Yesterday we learned that the California Legislature has plans to extend Governor Newsom’s Executive Order related to COVID-19 and worker’s comp claims. If signed into law, COVID-19 “outbreaks” in places of employment would automatically be eligible for worker’s compensation claims. This would apply not only to frontline jobs like doctors and nurses, but to all […]


The Importance of Workers Compensation Code Classification

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) currently utilizes over 700 class codes. These four digit codes represent the specific work duties and job classifications assigned to each employee. Code classifications contain detailed descriptions of work and represent the hazards associated within the process of their job duties. For Example Class code 8810 is for […]


7 Brewery Insurance Policies to Consider

Over the last decade or so microbreweries, craft breweries and brewpubs have exploded coast to coast. Today, there are more than 2,300 breweries and brewpubs in the U.S. There are a number of risks brewery owners and managers face manufacturing and selling beer. The specific insurance needs of each brewery are unique depending on the […]