The Future of Insurance is “Open”

Those of us at the forefront of insurance technology use and adoption have been saying for years that the entire industry needs to step up or get left behind.   We’ve been warning of a digital transformation, and it’s been happening – even if more slowly than some of us would have liked.   What none of us could have […]

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When you can’t prevent employee theft and fraud, your insurance should be there to support you

As a business owner or member of leadership, the last thing you want to consider is that your employees could be committing theft or fraud against your company. While rare, it does happen. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent employee crime from happening in the first place. And, if it does occur, […]

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Amazon Sells Everything – Even Insurance!

But, their mass-production business model won’t be right for everyone  This month, e-commerce giant broke the news that it will be joining the insurance industry. The venture comes in the form of a partnership with digital insurtech company, Next Insurance. Through the partnership, members of Amazon Business Prime will be able to obtain a small business insurance quote […]

Flooding caused by wildfires may be covered, even without flood insurance

Think the flooding you sustained from wildfire runoff isn’t covered? It actually might be! We hope you are staying safe and healthy, and that your year is off to a productive start. With the rainy season upon us, UWIB and our friends at The Greenspan Company want to provide an update regarding California wildfire claims.    If you sustained property damage […]

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Your Business Interruption Insurance May Cover COVID-19 Shutdowns

In The United Kingdom, the highest court in the land just ruled that most Business Interruption Insurances would indeed have to cover lost business due to government-imposed COVID-19 shutdowns. This is big news for many business owners, who have been negatively impacted by compulsory closures. This ruling will bring massive relief to many UK businesses […]

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Protecting Yourself from Vandalism: What Every Retail Business Owner Should Know

Americans have been more and more vocal about their political opinions in recent months. This environment of uncertainty and confusion is likely to continue, along with demonstrations of protest. While these protests often start as peaceful demonstrations, emotions can run high and escalate into riots and vandalism. These events can result in significant property damage […]

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Five Ways to Reduce Your Workers’ Compensation Costs Through Oversight

Written By Eric Schirding Worker’s Compensation Insurance is something almost every business owner has to deal with, though few would say they enjoy it. The process should be straightforward: you pay premiums to cover replacement wages and medical treatment if an employee is injured during the course of employment. You might think there’s nothing else […]