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Check Your Company’s Pulse

Visiting from our Newsletter? To continue where you left off, Visit TINYpulse provides tools to improve culture, employee engagement, and morale.  UWIB has been utilizing the Engage tool twice a month for the past several years. Do you ever wonder what your employees or co-workers are thinking about? Sure, you know what they eat for […]

I9 Book

New Employer Requirement: Form I-9

Starting January 22, 2017… All employers will be required to start using the new Form I-9. Since using the wrong form and/or failing to fully complete the form may result in hefty administrative fines being assessed against your company, now is the perfect time to verify that you are fully complying with the I-9 process. […]

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Theft via Business Email – Avoid becoming a victim.

  The scenario: You receive a note from an important vendor directing you to immediately update the wire transfer account numbers for their accounts because of a data breach they have sustained. What to Do: RED FLAGS SHOULD ALREADY BE GOING OFF According to our friends at Citadel Information Group, here’s what you should be […]


6 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Employee Crime

We recommend that every small business owner consider the following best practices to reduce the risk of employee crime: Perform thorough background checks (in accordance with law) of all potential hires; don’t take shortcuts or assume. Make sure there is clear accountability for every position in the organization and no position has broad enough power […]


The 5 coverage’s you probably think you already have, but probably don’t…

Business Owners Take Heed – The 5 coverage’s you probably think you already have, but probably don’t… Cyber-Security LiabilityEmployment Related Litigation such as Wrongful Termination Errors in business judgment that lead to claims by others against your company Mismanagement of employee benefits, even when administered by 3rd parties Claims by key individuals against Owners & […]


Board of Directors Members have big responsibilities…

Members of non-profit organizations typically place themselves in the position of thinking about ways that they can aid the  organization and their respective communities. As volunteers we take on certain projects, handle details, arrange or facilitate this or that, and we do what ever it takes to help our organization to accomplish its goals. We are volunteers, we […]