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TINYpulse provides tools to improve culture, employee engagement, and morale.  UWIB has been utilizing the Engage tool twice a month for the past several years.

Do you ever wonder what your employees or co-workers are thinking about? Sure, you know what they eat for lunch, (especially when they heat up salmon in the office microwave). But what are their thoughts for improving the business, how can their grievances be addressed, and how can they improve the company culture?

These are tough questions for both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to tackle. Some companies like Facebook, Airbnb, IBM, (and UWIB!) have turned to TINYpulse for help. TINYpulse was designed to improve culture, employee engagement, and morale by using anonymous feedback from employees.

The words “anonymous” and “feedback” strike fear in the hearts of many employers who may say, “who the heck would want anonymous feedback from their employees?” While it is not always easy to listen to feedback from employees, there is a huge risk for an employer to hope that discontent will simply dissappear. Minor gripes can snowball into grievances, which can then grow into a number of different ugly things like lawsuits.

Ideas for improving a business don’t always come from visionary leaders, often times they come from employees themselves. At UWIB, we’ve been using TINYpulse’s Engage tool for several years, and meeting twice a month to review the results. The inspirations for improvement have been astounding, some of our best Customer Service, Sales, and Technology ideas have come from employees submitting TINYpulse feedback. Not to mention, our company’s culture and communication has improved even more.

Strengthening the company culture is at the heart of what TINYpulse is all about. Having team members come together for gatherings to discuss their suggestions and feedback is a great way to bring everyone together. In a world of emails, texts, and powerpoints, the facetime everyone gets is invaluable. At these meetings, the managers have opportunity to show their support for the staff, and remind everyone of the values the company stands for.

TINY Changes, Big Results

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