9 Ways to Celebrate Halloween at the Office

Although it may feel like it, Halloween is not a national holiday. This means that for many of us, Halloween is spent in the office, but that doesn’t mean it has to be like every other workday. From costume contests to spooky decorations and themed luncheons, here are 9 ideas for celebrating Halloween at the office while […]

Blog title image: 8 tips to avoid financial fraud

Avoid Financial Fraud with Eight Easy Tips

Think you’re safe from financial fraud? Think again. Financial fraud can happen to anyone, at any time. Financial fraud doesn’t always look the same, it can come in many different shapes and sizes and the financial stress it causes can have a huge impact on your physical and mental well-being. The best way to protect yourself […]

23 creative ways to get 10,000 steps

Creative Ways to Reach 10,000 Steps a Day

If you believe the science that says sitting is the new smoking, it’s more important than ever to make sure to get up and take frequent walk breaks. 10,000 steps a day has long been the goal for battling our sedentary lifestyle, but how do we even begin to achieve that? For many of us working […]

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Cybersecurity Liability can hit any business – large or small

Most businesses have abandoned the use of file cabinets and paper records. Today’s file cabinet is a hard drive and, in many cases, it lives in the cloud. As of mid-July 2021, there were at least three significant cyber-attacks just since March. These events have been highly publicized, raising awareness of cyber risks for all businesses. […]

Don’t forget Fluffy! Make sure to insure the most important member of your family with Pet Insurance!

The pandemic brought a rise in new pet owners, with millions of Americans left quarantined at home alone, animal shelters across the country were left empty due to such high adoption rates. Whether you adopted a new furry friend during quarantine or are thinking of doing so soon, you’ll want to leave some extra room in your budget for pet insurance.   […]

The Future of Insurance is “Open”

Those of us at the forefront of insurance technology use and adoption have been saying for years that the entire industry needs to step up or get left behind.   We’ve been warning of a digital transformation, and it’s been happening – even if more slowly than some of us would have liked.   What none of us could have […]

an employee stealing

When you can’t prevent employee theft and fraud, your insurance should be there to support you

As a business owner or member of leadership, the last thing you want to consider is that your employees could be committing theft or fraud against your company. While rare, it does happen. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent employee crime from happening in the first place. And, if it does occur, […]

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Amazon Sells Everything – Even Insurance!

But, their mass-production business model won’t be right for everyone  This month, e-commerce giant Amazon.com broke the news that it will be joining the insurance industry. The venture comes in the form of a partnership with digital insurtech company, Next Insurance. Through the partnership, members of Amazon Business Prime will be able to obtain a small business insurance quote […]