Your Business Interruption Insurance May Cover COVID-19 Shutdowns

In The United Kingdom, the highest court in the land just ruled that most Business Interruption Insurances would indeed have to cover lost business due to government-imposed COVID-19 shutdowns. This is big news for many business owners, who have been negatively impacted by compulsory closures.

This ruling will bring massive relief to many UK businesses who are suffering the financial losses of a third COVID-19 shutdown since the pandemic began.

While we don’t know what this means for US-based businesses yet, it is possible the United States Supreme Court could side with businesses, and require claims to be paid, even without specific COVID-19 or Pandemic Insurance policies.

If you have suffered Business Interruption due to COVID-19 shutdowns and you would like to consult with us on your own situation, including whether a claim is warranted, get it touch with us today.