Dial in on End of Year Goals


At some point during the year, most of us look at the calendar and wonder, “Where did the time go?!” The start of the year doesn’t seem that long ago yet, here we are – quickly moving toward the end of this one.

It’s often a time of anxiety for anyone who sets goals. They realize that they’re running out of time to achieve them. Worse, they may have given up on some of them.

It isn’t the time to panic, however. Experts say that it’s the perfect time to get back on track and finish the year strong. But dialing in on year-end goals requires a few different strategies.

1. Step back and reassess

Take a look at all of your year-end goals, particularly the ones you may have had trouble achieving. Match them against what you want to accomplish by the end of this year and decide whether the goal is A) still in line with your values, B) the right goal given everything that’s happened over the year, and C) something you still have time to accomplish.

2. Let your intentions be known

Discussing your goals with someone else helps hold you accountable for achieving them. Attend networking events and tell people about your yearly goals. You’ll not only make your intentions known, but you may meet someone who has ideas about how to accomplish your goals.

3. Make the deadline your motivation

Sometimes having a countdown – in this case, a countdown for achieving your goals before the year ends – provides ample motivation. The deadline that didn’t seem daunting in January is now fast approaching. Decide what goals you’re going to keep and then set up a plan to achieve them in whatever time you have left.

4. Hone your mindset

Even if you’re pressed for time to complete your goals, don’t let the “pressure” cause you to sink into negative thinking. Instead, always think that your goals are achievable because you’ll work harder to reach them.

5. Don’t deplete your time and energy

A deadline that’s suddenly visible in the distance is an excellent reminder that you need to concentrate on the things that are most important. Spend your time wisely, which may mean delegating some of your tasks, but also spend your energy wisely by knowing the times of day when you’re most productive and creative.

6. Make each day count

One way to keep your eye on the prize and to move toward it is by setting priorities each day and then completing them. Work toward mastering the big picture by taking small steps each day.

7. Establish and stick with a plan

Being specific about what steps you need to complete to accomplish your year-end goals is never more important than when a deadline looms. List everything that you’ll need to do to reach your goal by its deadline. Take the right actions and visualize the outcome of those actions. As always, keep your goals as specific as possible.

There’s no better time than now to re-focus and get back on track if you’ve fallen behind on working toward your goals. Taking specific steps and actions will help show the way and help ease your anxiety.