Introducing our New Easy to Use CLIENTportal for our HR Benefits and Professional Liability Clients

Introducing our New Easy to Use CLIENTportal for our Home, Auto and Family Clients

At United Western Insurance Brokers (UWIB), we have been providing quality customer experiences for over 5 decades. To continually provide excellent service, we have made use of the latest technology to help our business protect yours.

By integrating readily available, high quality, personalized service with new mobile technologies, UWIB has steadily worked to assist our customers. Our newest innovation takes it a step further. Get acquainted with UWIB’s new CLIENTportal!


We are proud to present our new client portal. With this recent addition, we have added a new layer of service. The client portal gives you control and convenience. Get the information you want and need without waiting for assistance. Day or night, weekends or weekdays, our client portal offers the availability and flexibility to do business on your own terms!

You now have the power to manage your company’s insurance the way you see fit. You gain the freedom and the transparency. The electronic portal is secure and provides you with greater control over your policy.

Just like our app, you aren’t locked into accessing the portal on a desktop. Whether you or your employees are on your way to a meeting or sitting down for lunch, our portal is accessible on phone, laptop, or tablet. Our client portal offers 24/7 access to vital information. Manage insurance whenever, however, and wherever you please.

Click here and enjoy a quick 60-second clip, then sign up for access, it’s free to all UWIB clients.

Let’s take a look at some the features:

• View and Issue Certificates of Insurance

• View Important Documents

• Manage Group Benefits

• Heightened Security for Your Business

• Update Coverage Benefits

• Add People to Policies

• Submit Claims

• Check the Enrollment Status of Employees

• Increased Availability for HR

• Access Policy Information

Need a document? You no longer have to wait for a couple of weeks for something you need now. And you certainly don’t want to have to pay for overnight delivery. Don’t worry. Print out your business’ important documents right when you need it directly from the CLIENTportal. A few quick clicks and you’re done.

We recognize the importance of immediate access to important information for your business. For employees, the CLIENTportal means they can navigate the history of documents as well as review and modify business information. Print documents immediately. It’s all available when you want it.

Worried about sensitive information being sent through email? You have every right to be. Business and employee information sent through emails and phone calls can easily get into the wrong hands. Not any longer! Think of a CLIENTportal as a secure, protected website. Only authorized users can access information. If HR needs to send a document to an employee, they can do so quickly and securely.

Best of all, the CLIENTportal is available to all clients of UWIB. What are you waiting for? Ready to conveniently manage your insurance online? Click here and enjoy a quick 60-second clip, then sign up for access, it’s free to all UWIB clients.