15 Ideas for Summer Office Fun

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15 Ideas for Summer Office Fun

In the summer our ability to focus on work gets shorter as the days grow longer. We all want to get outside, feel nature between our toes and have some fun. Summer is also the perfect time to blend fun and work to strengthen your team and company culture.

But how can you combine summer fun and work productivity?

Here are 15 ideas to build your team and have fun in the summer sun!

1. Road trip! Jump on a bus and take a road trip to the zoo or local amusement park. Build friendships and team by taking a break.

2. Cool off with a sundae bar every Friday afternoon. Hot fudge and extra rainbow sprinkles for me, please.

3. Participate in a charity event. It could be a charity softball game or a 5K race. Practicing and working out prior to the event will bring your team closer together and you’ll raise money for a good cause.

4. Friday Potluck! Yummm. What could be better than everyone bringing in their favorite summer dish? BBQ and Watermelon coming right up! Or step this up and have a Company Picnic with families too. Make sure to have some fun activities and prizes for the kids.

5. Hire an Ice Cream Truck to come by the office. Bomb pops and Big Sticks for everyone. Or have a Food Truck Friday and have a couple of gourmet food trucks come by to show your gratitude to your employees.

6. Employee appreciation day with chair massages. OMG, this is awesome!!!

7. Hold an open house so employee’s family can come in and see what their loved one is up to at work. Make sure to have a couple of work related projects for the kiddies to work on too.

8. Take up a company wide team sport like softball or bowling. Besides building teamwork and employee relationships, your employees will be working out and getting in shape.

9. Charity food drive. Hold a charity food drive for your local food bank. Their resources get a little thin during the summer. Have your employees get their families involved. Give the employee that brings in the most food a paid day off.

10. Tacky/ugly Hawaiian shirt contest. The winner gets a gift card or a couple of hours off. In the winter, change the contest to an ugly holiday sweater.

11. Get out to the ball game. Cheer your local baseball team whether major or minor league in person with your employees.

12. Volunteer for the local Habitat for Humanity. Have your team come together to do something inspiring.

13. Karaoke lunch! Rent a Karaoke machine and find out who your next American Idol is. Or have an after hours Lip Sync Battle like Jimmy Fallon and The Rock:

14. Hold a Chili Cook Off. Have your employees whip up their best Chili. Have the employees that aren’t participating vote. It’s a win win. The cooks get to do what they love … cook and everyone else gets to eat. Remember to give your cooks some petty cash to help with expenses.

15. Yoga Lunch Fridays. Bring in a Yoga instructor and have the whole company take a Yoga class. Downward dog anyone?

The summer is all about the sun, fun, family, and friends. Make sure to include employee families in some of the fun. A company that laughs and has fun together is an engaging workplace.