Empowered Employees Can Lead to Greater Engagement and Happiness

In our latest whitepaper, we discuss refining company culture to increase employee engagement.

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  • Every business has a culture – a company’s culture is often the reflection of the company’s leaders.
  • Owners and cultures evolve, and management styles evolve too, as do the people being managed.
  • Older workers respond in different ways than younger workers, and yet each one brings needed value to a company’s culture.
  • As the result of the fluid nature of people and culture, management’s methods to influence culture can be adjusted and refined over time in order to reflect evolving values.
  • Most employers and managers agree that their most valuable asset is their (engaged) employees. Most also agree that managing employee engagement is their biggest challenge.
  • Employees who are engaged are of the greatest value to employers. Exceptional behavior is contagious, it can result in excellence, increased productivity, lower risk and higher profit. Likewise, disengaged employees pose the greatest threat and risk to employers because they lower the bar, erode morale and increase risk.
  • A reality of life is that bad behavior spreads faster than good behavior.
  • UWIB can help employers identify engagement goals and establish plans to refine company culture in order to increase employee engagement.