Specialty Coffee Industry



Our Coffee & Contracts division was created in 2012 after recognizing that during the past 20 years, we had gradually become the insurance brokers and professional advisers to many of the leading US specialty coffee wholesalers and third wave coffee bars, roasters, and importers.

At Coffee & Contracts, we see ourselves as partners with the small and mid-sized coffee businesses that find themselves facing the challenges of navigating through today’s labor and insurance complexities. We bring our years of experience and insight to the world of coffee, with our goal being to expertly serve our clients.

Because of our focus, we provide all of these tailored services at no additional cost, and more often than not, we can assist our clients to save money immediately after performing our cost-free review.

Who We Are

Josh Acosta and Dana Coates are the people who spearhead Coffee & Contracts, a division of UWIB. Josh goes for single origin espresso while Dana is an add-shot latte guy.

Josh and his wife live and work in Seattle while Dana and his wife live and work in Southern California. Between the two offices and as members of the Specialty Coffee Association, they have worked with a good chunk of the specialty coffee world.

UWIB’s roots of providing risk management and consulting services date all the way back to 1918. Click Here to read our full story.

What We’ll Do For You

  • Identify

    Uncover your most critical
    needs and address them

  • Evaluate

    Customize a program to
    compare your options

  • Support

    We’ll continue to advise
    and stand beside you


Based on our real-world coffee related experiences which span two decades, we provide a unique, practical, and cost effective set of solutions.

Insight – We’ve learned valuable lessons and use common sense to solve problems

Experience – More than two decades of consulting coffee importers, roasters, wholesalers and retailers.

Passion – We know the difference between a gibraltar and a flat white, our passion for quality while helping our clients to be thrifty shows through in our attention to detail.