MVR Employer Resources

The California DMV offers an Employer Pull Notice Program, or EPN program, which promotes driver safety and may be a valuable risk management tool for employers.

The EPN program allows organizations to monitor Driver’s License records (MVR’s) of employees who drive on an organization’s behalf. This program will alert employers of infractions on an employee’s driving record, from minor to serious violations.

According to the California DMV this program:

Determines if each driver has a valid Driver’s License
Reveals problem drivers or driving behavior
Helps to minimize your organization’s liability
Improves public safety

Learn More About the CA EPN Program Click Here to Learn More

Enrollment Page for the CA EPN Program Visit the Enrollment Page

EPN Program FAQ’s Visit the EPN FAQ Page

Multiple State Management

 Here are a couple websites that may help by making Driving Record (aka MVR) requests from a centralized tool. This may be useful if your organization operates in multiple states, as states have different requirements for releasing MVR’s to employers.


MVR Online

Did you know?

You can add proof of insurance to the DMV portal for your renewal! Visit their Webpage Here  or email proof of insurance to: [email protected]

List of Individual State MVR Tools

Don’t see your state listed? Email us at: [email protected]

AZ: Most likely Manual Process

CO: Most likely Manual Process

IL: Most likely Manual Process

MD: Potentially Automated Driver Monitoring “Driver Batch Monitoring”

MO: Most likely Manual Process

MI: Most likely Manual Process,4670,7-127-1627_8996-107648–,00.html

NM: Potentially Automated Driver Monitoring

NV: Most likely Manual Process

TX: Most likely Manual Process Email: [email protected]

UT: Most likely Manual Process

VA: Potentially Automated Driver Monitoring

WA: Most likely Manual Process