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Our roots date all the way back to 1918 we have a long history of providing consultative services to businesses and are experienced in a variety of industries.

At UWIB, we see ourselves as partners with small and mid-sized businesses that find themselves facing the challenges of navigating through today’s labor and insurance complexities. We bring our years of experience and insight to the world of towing, impound, storage facilities and truck repair, with our goal being to expertly serve our clients.

Because of our focus, we provide all of these tailored services at no additional cost, and more often than not, we can assist our clients to save money immediately after performing our cost-free review.



Based on our real-world experiences which span two decades, we provide a unique, practical, and cost effective set of solutions.

Insight – We’ve learned valuable lessons and use common sense to solve problems

Experience – More than three and a half decades of consulting businesses including Towing, Impound, Storage and Truck Repair Facilities.

Passion – We’re passionate about managing risks with great attention to detail, while still helping our clients to be thrifty.

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Josh was born and raised in Pasadena, California and received his degree in Communication from Seattle Pacific University. After graduation, Josh pursued a business opportunity with Allstate Insurance Company where he gained a strong foundational understanding of the technical side of insurance underwriting. During his years with Allstate, Josh was honored to be selected to receive advanced training in Allstate’s National underwriting headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois.

Josh accepted UWIB’s offer to lead our operations in the Pacific Northwest in May of 2016. He is based in our Seattle office.

While in college, Josh built his love for and knowledge of the specialty coffee industry at Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea (now part of Peet’s) and Milstead & Co – one of Seattle’s most honored Specialty Coffee shops, which has been recognized among the top 10 SCAA shops in the US.

Josh is an accomplished athlete, cyclist, and golfer. He has developed close working relationships within the coffee, bicycle, hand-crafted beer, wine and distillery industries. As a result, he is truly the perfect fit to lead our Seattle office with a close focus on risk management and insurance practices on these industries, all of which are prevalent in the Pacific Northwest.

Dana Coates


Dana Coates spearheads our Towing Industry Program, and has been a licensed insurance broker for more than 35 years.  Dana is one of the principals at United Western Insurance Brokers. Since his start in 1975, Dana went on to establish his own agency in 1990 and in 2012, after growing and merging with another agency, he and his wife Gina, joined the United Agencies Group in 2012.  With 40 locations throughout the Western US, the United Agencies Group generates premium volume nearing $350 million dollars.

Dana brings his 35+ years of consulting to small and mid-sized businesses to the towing industry.  Dana realizes the challenges those in the towing industry face, and ways in which to respond to those challenges.

In his spare time, Dana enjoys travel, physical fitness and the great outdoors. Dana races Porsche automobiles and serves on several non-profit boards.  Dana and his wife Gina split their time between Southern California and Washington State and have two married children.

Tow Hook

Towing Industry Coverage Descriptions

BUSINESS AUTO – The business auto insurance coverage is designed to protect your towing business in the event of an accident, theft, injury, and/or other damages involving your vehicles and your employees while driving insured towing company vehicles.

GARAGE KEEPERS COVERAGE – This towing insurance form provides your business with legal liability insurance protection for damages to your towing customer’s vehicles while in your care, custody and control, for service, repair, or while in storage.

BUSINESS LIABILITY – This towing insurance form provides coverage in the event a Commercial General Liability loss has resulted in injury or property damage. It insures your tow truck business against liability that has arisen from the daily operations of your business.

ON HOOK/CARGO – This towing insurance form covers your company’s legal liability on the lawful goods and articles officially accepted by your organization, while in due course of transit or in the process of recovery by a scheduled vehicle. Coverage for loading and unloading is also provided.