Q1 2019 Private Client Division

UWIB is known countrywide to be a reliable and effective advocate for our clients; this cultural cornerstone has contributed to UWIB’s solid reputation. However, we couldn’t do it without the support of others.

Our clients include some of the world’s wealthiest & most successful families and the entrepreneurs behind them. Many of these people rely on their trusted teams of experts to help them navigate today’s legal and dangerous society.

  • -Family Offices
  • -Wealth Managers
  • -Private Bankers
  • -Fiduciaries
  • -Private Security firms such as Gavin De Becker, and others
  • -Moreover, specialty Insurance Carriers who partner with UWIB to address the unique needs of successful families.

Wendhel Elias

This quarter, UWIB’s Private Client Services Team salutes one of the people behind our success, Wendhel Elias with Travelers Insurance Group.

We recognize Wendhel for his commitment to UWIB and our Private Client Team. Wendhel has repeatedly and lovingly motivated his management and underwriting teams to help us bring about creative solutions, mainly through his deep understanding of Risk Management and his desire to help us deliver winning solutions. In addition to these qualities, Whendel is personable and enthusiastic.

Please join us at UWIB to thank Wendhel and to wish him continued success!