Life Insurance

UWIB has been in the insurance industry for decades, and in that time we've seen the uses for Life Insurance increase exponentially.

Historically, Life Insurance's sole purpose was to provide replacement income when a family's primary income earner died unexpectedly. The family could also rely on the Life Insurance Policy to cover outstanding loans and burial costs.

As our lives have become more complicated, so have our financial concerns, and Life Insurance coverage has adapted to this. While replacement income in the event of a sudden loss is still a concern, there are new issues in today's world that need to be considered. Families often have multiple income sources, have better access to preventative healthcare, and are living longer than ever before.

Depending on the policy, Life Insurance can not only protect your family if you die prematurely, but also if you outlive your ability to support yourself. Chances are, if you have a specific financial concern, there's a policy that will provide you the right coverage and ease your worries.

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